Koodo Mobile

An ad campaign made out of hundreds of bits of content designed for how we consume stuff on our mobile phones, from a company that sells mobile phones.

Problem: Koodo is a Canadian cell-phone provider that has the happiest customers. The problem, only their customers knew it.

Solution: We came up with a brand platform called “Choose Happy” that didn’t just tell people to be happy but made everyone feel happy.

We created everything from GIFS, animations, stop-motion, time lapse, motion graphics and happiness insights mixed in with corporate factoids as to why Koodo is such a happy experience.

A modular system of happy bits that were fun to enjoy on their own or could be combined to make everything from banners to TV commercials. We housed it all on the happy hub. Ready to be viewed and shared in the way we consume information and entertainment on our phones.

“It’s like the happy side of the Internet threw a party that lasted for a week.” - Adweek

Check out the Choose Happy Hub